Marie Stopes International (MSI) is a non-governmental organization that provides contraception and safe abortion services to millions of women and families in 37 countries globally. The impact of this is far-reaching – not just for the women themselves - but also for the communities and countries in which they live.

To ensure that MSI can continue to deliver services to the millions of women who need them, MSI needed a comprehensive scan of new multi-sectoral partnerships available to them as well as a corporate partnership framework.

Our work

We worked with MSI to understand their goals and to define their unique value proposition. We conducted a comprehensive landscape scan of potential funders and partners - spanning foundations, companies and social finance groups - and created a detailed outreach plan for the most promising prospects. Building on this, we outlined an approach to generate corporate partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry.


MSI now has an in-depth catalogue of prospective funders and partners that can help them achieve their goals. They also have a detailed framework for shared value partnerships between non-profits and companies as well as a plan for operationalizing these partnerships.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Partnership Development

" GCN has a clear understanding of the global health funding landscape both in the US and in European markets. This, along with their experience in identifying and brokering strategic, shared value partnerships made them an ideal advisor. We were very impressed with the breadth and depth of their work, which will continue to guide our strategy and prospecting"

-Megan Elliott, Chief Operating Officer, MSI