Kaiser Family Foundation and Viacom wanted to position HIV/AIDS as preventable, indicating that the devastating death toll can be reversed. Many Americans didn't think the disease affected them and Kaiser Family Foundation/Viacom wanted to convince the U.S. general population and opinion leaders that the HIV/AIDS trend could be turned.

Our work

While at DDB, we worked with the Kaiser Family Foundation and Viacom on KNOW HIV/AIDS, a global campaign to combat AIDS through public service messages. To do this, we brought life to the question, "What if AIDS affected your community like it affects other regions of the world?" and the idea that "Young people are at the center of the epidemic and through them we can turn the tide." Coupled with a compelling message that solutions exist, we used high profile broadcast television to raise awareness (including the first-ever AIDS awareness ad to run during the Super Bowl) combined with radio and outdoor to drive action.


Over the course of the campaign, our work drove 27-million unique visitors to the KNOW HIV/AIDS website and increased awareness (33-36%) of HIV/AIDS as an urgent global health issue. The campaign’s signature television ad won an Emmy for best public service announcement.


  • Branding & Communications
  • Campaign Execution