Jimmy Choo established a corporate foundation for women's empowerment in 2011 to reflect its values and commitment to corporate responsibility. In 2014, the company decided to create a more focused brand identity and niche within women’s empowerment and establish a long-term NGO partnership to bring the foundation's work to life.


We worked with Jimmy Choo’s senior executive team to define its unique value proposition as empowering women through education to enhance livelihoods, which aligned with the brand's DNA. In addition to working closely with the executive team and other stakeholders, we analyzed the corporate charity landscape to define Jimmy Choo’s unique positioning. We also conducted an analysis of prospective NGO partners and helped select a highly recognizable, global NGO partner - CARE UK.


The Jimmy Choo Foundation now has an established mission and a credible, high-profile NGO partnership, which will help fulfil the foundation’s mission of building women's confidence and independence through education and economic opportunity.

During 2016, The Jimmy Choo Foundation and Jimmy Choo employees helped fund over 1,000 entrepreneurs in 12 countries. The entrepreneurs have been able to start or expand their own small businesses, and are also helping more than 2,767 people in their communities. The program has also given Jimmy Choo's employees a sense of pride in their company.

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  • Strategic Planning
  • Partnership Development

"GCN excels at identifying and implementing strategic partnerships that bridge the non-profit and corporate worlds. They have an impressive knowledge of the women’s empowerment space and a wide-ranging network of potential partners. This, combined with their background in branding, meant that they had a clear understanding of what we needed and how we could get there."

Dana Gers, former SVP Global Brand Marketing and Communications, Jimmy Choo